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"MYGAs mean peace of mind. Every aspect is guaranteed."

Term  I  Interest Rate  I Principal  I  Liquidity Provisions

"Watch Molly explain the questions to ask yourself to decide if a MYGA is the right choice."

"Is a MYGA right for you?"

Do you like the safety and stability of CDs? 

  • Guaranteed interest rate

  • Guaranteed principal

  • Wide selection of terms

  • Option for lifetime income

Consider a MYGA

"The smart alternative to CDs?"

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  • Looking to protect your savings? 

  • Want better interest rates than CD pay?

  • Would you like to defer taxes on interest growth?

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Why people choose MYGAs?

Hint: "Guarantee" is in the name!

"The safety. I can sleep without worrying about my money."

"I like the fact that income taxes are deferred."

"The excellent interest rate that is guaranteed for the full term."




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The MYGA Guaranteed Income Advantage

In today's uncertain economy, what can you truly count on? When you own a MYGA, here's one thing you can be certain of... a monthly income that lasts for life. 

Every MYGA comes with the guaranteed ability to convert its cash value to an income you can't outlive.  MYGAs provide a "conversion factor." For every $1,000 of cash accumulated, the MYGA stipulates a predefined level of lifetime monthly income. Moreover, you can choose an income that covers one person, or two people. 

Why is this important? The guaranteed conversion right means that, at a minimum, you will always know how much lifetime guaranteed income you will have. You don't have to convert your MYGA to a lifetime income, but you have the right to at any time. That option, depending upon what happens in the future, may prove enormously valuable. 


Want to know more about converting MYGAs to lifetime income? Click the image to download the Info Sheet.

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